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5 Scary Facts About Oily Skin And How To Prevent It

June 16, 2019

Are you having a problem with your makeup because it keeps disappearing too early after applying it? Well, oily skin people should always look on the bright side. There is so much advice out there about how you change your skin type completely. One of the scary facts remains that you cannot totally change your skin type to a different one. The only thing you can do is to manage your skin type and keep it in check. Sorry folks! Nature is too superior. Oily skin has several scary facts, but all of them have a great way to prevent those problems from hurting your skin. You can forget about all the things you think you know about oily skin for a moment as you read this article.  

  • Over-washing is bad for oily skin
  • It is generally nice to be taking showers regularly. But oil skin people should not be over-washing their skin. When that happens, the protective barrier of the skin gets washed away, leaving the skin too dry. Then it reproduces too much oil in response, forming a cycle of too much oil production. That’s something you don’t want for your skin.

    Prevention: Always clean gently with gentle cleaners. Wash your face only two times in a day. That way, you will have balanced, healthy skin. Buy oil that absorbs and removes excess oils and yet harmless to your protective skin layer.  

    Also, get rid of your makeup every night, and with water, you can remove every mascara.  

  • The issue with over-exfoliating

  • If your skin is suffering from acne or blackhead, you are likely to want to scrub your face. Note that such a scrub can damage the protective layer of your skin according to Doctor Adam Friedmann. He is a consultant dermatologist at The Harley Street Dermatologist. Once the skin gets over-exfoliated, it becomes more sensitive, lowers the keratin, and the oily skin person can get eczema.

    Prevention:Go for a gentle scrub using a gentle exfoliator (physical). The exfoliator should have a natural mix of zinc, witch hazel, and thyme. Scrubs like that polishes away dead skin cells. That prevents your pores from hosting excess oil or dirt.

    You can also go for gentle chemical exfoliators if your skin has spots and acne. Buy a mild toner for the process to be successful.


  • Always moisturize
  • You always have to moisturize more than people with dry skin have to do. Though you might feel like it is not very helpful, it is actually the opposite. You should moisturize always. That’s in the morning and at night. If you do that, your body’s ability to produce oil will be in check and therefore balanced.  Remember that oily skin can cause pimples, acne, whiteheads, blackheads, and other skin troubles you really need to avoid.

    Prevention:Ensure that you are using non-comedogenic formulas. These formulas empower the natural defense of the skin against problems like blemishes and spots with no clogging pores.  There are many good products in the market to help make your routine better.

    Sometimes you may feel dehydrated because of the late nights you have been having. In such a case, you need a sheet mask to moisturize your skin. You won’t feel heavy in the process.  Moreover, certain sunscreen creams in the market come with oil content. You need to first check and confirm the ingredients in the cream before buying it. You have to ensure that you apply the right moisturizer. Also, stay away from cool creams and lotions if you are looking for a makeup remover. They are not for people with oily skin. They will leave your skin greasy such that the film will clog the pores which are what you must avoid.

  • The role of your lifestyle
  • You know that most of what you do on a daily bases reflects on your body. The diet you take impacts on your skin. The same is true if you do exercises. The spikes in your hormone insulin always help your skin to bring out excess oil. So balancing your blood sugar levels and keeping them that way is very important.

    Rebecca Bolton is a nutritional therapist, and she says that a few simple lifestyles change the things that help the skin to glow all the time.  For example, if someone with oily skin eats processed foods with trans fats, they can result in inflammation in their body. This will also lead to skin that secretes excess oil.

    Prevention:  So, what you should do is to eat healthy fats which are anti-inflammatory. They include salmon, walnuts, avocado, and mackerel.

    Stress is another problem that causes oily skin. To prevent such a scary fact, the body releases a hormone called cortisol, which helps your body to manage the stress.  

    It’s time to forget about those burgers you eat and the late night things you do. Eating natural foods, juice, and meditation are your best daily habits to switch to now.

  • Slowing down aging
  • Check out this weird fact. People with oily skin actually age slower than those with dry skin. According to researchers, dry skin doesn’t cause wrinkles, but when the skin is dry, it emphasizes the appearances of wrinkles. It makes them appear exaggerated.

    When skin is oily, it matches with moisture naturally, compared to dry skin. Oily skin is better at holding in natural moisture than dry skin. It covers your skin like a lid does naturally. Moisturized skin cells can function so well. It can bring out the beauty and the glow we are all trying to have. It helps you to be healthier. That is when you can get the elastin, collagen, etc, you need.


    When hormones or genetics cause oily skin, it becomes very difficult to prevent. You need just to make sure that your skincare routine is consistent. Stay away from unhealthy foods. They include fried foods, processed foods, unnatural fats, foods that are high in sugar, and others.  Know that using heavy cosmetics to hide the effects that oily skin has brought on you is not healthy. It will only worsen the condition. Home remedies to these scary facts above are only good when you have professional advice on the actual situation and specific products needed to prevent them.