December 18, 2019

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Ingredients of Mabox Vitamin C Serum
    Can vitamin C serum cause allergic reactions?
      Ingredients of Mabox Vitamin C Serum
        Benefits of Mabox vitamin C Serum
          Frequently Asked Questions


            Vitamin C serum is simply an antioxidant. It is an all-around skin care product made of vitamin C, which has extraordinary benefits on skin tissue repair. Vitamin C has become a buzz word in the cosmetics industry with multiple cosmetic brands coming up with their products with variations in quality, quantity and formula to eliminate and keep up with the competition from other brands in the industry. Due to this massive competition, the cosmetics market has been flooded with plenty of Vitamin C serums from different brands.

            If one is not careful enough, he or she might experience allergic reactions after using some of these products; therefore, it is vital to choose a vitamin C serum that works best for your skin. Knowing how hard it is to find the suitable vitamin C serum, Maboxcosmetics brings to you the Mabox Award Winning Acne Clarifying Serum fit for all skin types.

            Mabox Vitamin C acne clarifying serum helps to make your skin spotless and brighter. All you need is one box that is used twice a day and lasts for 30 days. It is 100% safe to add to a skincare routine for people of all skin types all as it is made from natural products including fruits and raw vegetable extracts. The natural ingredients are perfect for any skin tone and can be used by both men and women without the fear of possible allergic reactions.

            Can vitamin C serum cause allergic reactions?

            It is may be common for some people to experience side effects such as allergic reactions after using skincare products. Same applies to different vitamin C serums. It is possible to experience itching, redness, skin irritation and a tingling or burning sensation. If these signs persist, it might be a possible allergic reaction.

            Ingredients of Mabox Vitamin C Serum

            Unlike all other vitamin C serums, Mabox vitamin C serum natural ingredients keep you safe from any of the previously mentioned conditions/reactions. The serum has Vitamin C that repairs and restores skin tissues while at the same time providing protection against heat damage, therefore, eliminating any possibility of experiencing burning sensations. It also has vitamin E, a natural antioxidant that keeps the skin healthy and protects the skin from damage done by free radicles, thus preventing skin irritation. The serum also has hyaluronic acid that helps to keep the skin moisturised and hydrated. It also helps to promote collagen, which are protein fibres that make skin plump and prevent sagging.

            Benefits of Mabox vitamin C Serum

            Here are some of many benefits of using the Mabox vitamin C serum;

            1. It cures several skin conditions such as uneven tone, texture, acne, discolouration, sun damage, lack of skin firmness and tired, sluggish skin.
            2. The serum fights acne-causing bacteria
            • It moisturises and hydrates the skin
            1. It helps with lines and wrinkles making it a great anti-ageing product.
            2. It helps to reduce hyperpigmentation such as spots
            3. It reduces the occurrence of under-eye cycles
            • It boots wound healing and blemishes.
            • It promotes collagen production to keep the skin firm.

            Frequently Asked Questions

            How can one use Vitamin C serum?

            Using this vitamin C serum is very easy, just follow the following quick steps;

            1. Start by washing your face
            2. Then apply your favourite cleanser and toner
            • Take a few drops of Vitamin C serum on your hand and apply
            1. Gently rub the serum on your skin in slow motion until thoroughly absorbed
            2. Take your best moisturiser and apply as always

            When should you use Mabox Vitamin C serum?

            Most of the dermatologists recommend that you should apply Vitamin C serums in a specific routine, meaning when and how many times you can use vitamin C serums for healthy skin. For the best results, it is recommended to apply the serum 1-2 times per day.

            It is also advised to apply moisturiser soon after massaging your face gently with the serum. Beauty experts also suggest that as soon as the serum starts to dry a bit, one should apply a moisturiser with SPF.

            There’s no common stance among skincare experts on whether morning or at night is the best time to apply your serum. It is possible to use the serum twice a day because it protects the skin against sunlight damage during the daytime, and undoes the oxidative damage from UV sunlight at night. Prep your skin with lemon water whenever you wear your serum. Once you are done, treat the surface with a light dosage of Vitamin C serum.



            What colour should Vitamin C serum be?

            You should also always be attentive to observe any changes in the colour of the serum. If you ever notice that the serum has turned brown, stop using it and return it to the seller to avoid any risks or complications that may occur.

            When you buy a vitamin C serum, make sure it has a very light yellow or orange to brown colour because over some time vitamin c serums tend to oxidise, especially when exposed to air. When that happens, it will start to get dark transitioning from light yellow to brown and eventually turn black. Therefore it is crucial to be aware of these colour changes to avoid skin irritation.

            How will you know if the skin has a hyaluronic acid deficiency?

            The level of Hyaluronic Acid produced by our skin begins to reduce, and cell repair can become slow as we get older. During this time the skin loses its firmness, and rough spots may start to appear. For the skin to remain flawless, one should consider adopting a suitable skincare regime. Using the new vitamin C serum by Mabox will help you slow this ageing process.

            Is Vitamin C Serum safe for all skin types?

            Vitamin C can be very volatile in its original form, so it is vital to look for a better formula that is stable, usually mixed with Ferulic acid and Vitamin E to neutralise it. One can use topical vitamin C serum over a certain period without experiencing any adverse reactions. In a few cases, people who have hypersensitive skin may experience skin irritation. Vitamin C serums can also be safely used together with other skincare products, including SPF, alpha hydroxyl acids and retinol.



            What is hyaluronic acid serum?

            Hydraulic acid is probably the most used skincare ingredient in the cosmetics industry. It has a great ability to hold its weight when mixed with water. It is also a very hydrating substance especially for anyone who wants to achieve a moisturised and healthy-looking skin. The serum is extraordinarily penetrative and can be absorbed deep into your skin due to its molecule size. Hyaluronic acid is an essential ingredient for any great vitamin C serum.

            Are there any tips and tricks when using Vitamin C Serum?

            Untested products/serums can contain high/unregulated concentration levels of acidity which can cause allergic reactions to some skin types. It is also necessary to consult your local dermatologist who can advise you on what vitamin C skincare products will be perfect for your skin tone and type.

            Vitamin C products are known to be highly acidic. Unlicensed vitamin C serums/ products can be very harsh, causing adverse reactions such as allergies on some skin types. Many face serums on the market usually contain Vitamin C elements such as palmitate and phosphate ascorbyl which can harm the skin. The only acid from Vitamin C that is useful is L-ascorbic acid which helps to get rid of wrinkles, scars and loose skin.

            If you notice your serum turning dark brown; it may indicate the occurrence of oxidation, making it less effective and possibly harmful. Tinted packed products hide their actual colour, therefore, making it hard to notice the colour change. Once the serum is oxidised, it becomes useless and should be disposed of appropriately. Further use could cause harm to the skin.


            How long does it take for vitamin C serum to work?

            It usually takes two to four weeks to see results after starting to apply Vitamin C serum. Vitamin C can never be used by itself; that’s why it is always used in the form of a serum, which usually has a neutraliser or other antioxidants within it.



            Make your skin look younger, brighter and healthier with Mabox vitamin C serum which contains 20% of vitamin C to help fade the sunspots. The natural antioxidants found in vitamin C boosts collagen production responsible for getting rid of wrinkles and loose skin. Once you start using this serum, you will achieve a much more radiant skin complexion, elasticity, and an even skin tone making you feel comfortable in your skin.

            Get your vitamin C serum now and apply it to your face and neck with your fingertips. Massage the serum gently into the skin and wait for it to dry, finish by using your moisturiser of choice and repeat the process until you achieve a flawless complexion. Visit  to order your serum today!