December 18, 2019

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 Reasons Why Vitamin C Good For Your Skin
 Vitamin C As Anti-Oxidant
Vitamin C And Collagen
How Do You Make Sure That The Skin Gets The Vitamin C It Needs?

Vitamin C is vital for the health of our skin and health in general. It repairs skin tissue and strengthens the immune system. Not only that but this nutrient also takes part in the enzymatic process in the body. Lack of this nutrient in the body results in a condition known as Scurvy. This nutrient is found in various natural foods such as citrus fruits and fresh vegetables. Currently, Vitamin C has become an increasingly popular, skincare product ingredient. It has a very significant role in skincare as it acts as an anti-oxidant. One of its most enormous benefits of vitamin C to our skin is to delay ageing of the skin.  

Reasons Why Vitamin C Good For Your Skin

Vitamin C acts as an anti-oxidant which neutralises excess free radicals that cause stress to skin and cause the skin to age early. It is also essential in the production of collagen in skin cells that help to support and maintain skin structure and prevent premature ageing.

Vitamin C As Anti-Oxidant

Vitamin C helps to prevent untimely skin ageing by making the skin look fresher and younger.  Being an antioxidant, the nutrient inhibits the production of excess free radicals within the skin which helps prevent skin cells breakdown.

Vitamin C And Collagen

Vitamin C is essential in the production of collagen in the body. Collagen is a natural filler substance in the skin. It is in enough supply at a young age and helps to make the skin firm and give it an even tone. As we age, collagen levels go down, and this decrease usually causes rapid skin ageing.

Therefore, Vitamin C has two functions. The first one is, it is crucial to the production of collagen in the skin cells. The second one is it acts as a powerful antioxidant that helps to protect skin from the production of excess free radicals that interferes the functioning of the cells causing skin degradation. Collagen production reduces as we age; that's why Vitamin C is there to boost collagen production.

How Do You Make Sure That The Skin Gets The Vitamin C It Needs?

Since the body can not produce its nutrients, you must supply it with the necessary ones. Your body requires a daily intake of vitamin C nutrients to repair and maintain the skin.

Vitamin C is mainly used for external application of skincare products. It is used to maintain the skin and to keep it looking fresh, healthy, young and radiant, that's why most people start to use vitamin C anti-ageing products in their 20's.


How Long Does It Take For The Anti-Ageing Serum To Start Working?

For anti-ageing serum to work, it usually takes six weeks. Results do not occur overnight. For some anti-ageing products, results could take up to three months to show. If you use the products as per the instructions with consistency, then after some time, the skin will start to respond to treatment. Be careful with marketing labels that promise "quick" results after using the serums. There are no strict regulations on what brands choose to advertise on their bottles. Not even the use of scientific terms claiming that they are clinically proven can be trusted, especially if they claim to offer overnight results.

It is advised to take pictures of your face before starting to use a particular anti-ageing product as a way to keep track of any changes that may occur. Noticing positive results will help motivate you to be consistent with the beauty routine.

How Often Should You Use Vitamin C Anti-Ageing Serum?

Vitamin C serum should be applied in a specific routine; therefore it is crucial to know when and how many times you can use the serum for healthy skin. For best results, it is recommended to apply the serum 1-2 times per day. It is possible to apply the serum twice a day because it protects the skin against free radicles and sunlight damage during the daytime while curing the oxidative damage from UV sunlight at night. Remember to prep your skin with lemon water before using the anti-ageing serum.

What Is The Best Vitamin C Serum For Ageing Skin?

Vitamin C serums have become extremely popular in the cosmetics industry recently with multiple beauty brands coming up with new products. The products have variations in quality, quantity and formula to keep up with the competition from other brands in the industry. Due to this massive competition, the cosmetics market has been flooded with plenty of Vitamin C serums. This can make it hard for one to find the best anti-ageing product for their skin type.

One of the best skin ageing product that is highly recommended is Mabox vitamin C Serum. This is a great skincare product to include in your routine. It aims at keeping the skin glowing and healthy at all time. It cures several skin conditions such as uneven tone, texture, acne, discolouration, sun damage, lack of skin firmness and tired, sluggish skin. The serum also fights acne-causing bacteria, moisturises and hydrates the skin. In addition to that, it helps with lines and wrinkles making a great anti-ageing product. Furthermore, it helps to reduce hyperpigmentation such as spots, reduces the occurrence of under-eye cycles, boots wound healing, removes blemishes and most importantly promotes collagen production to keep the skin firm.

This particular vitamin C serum (Mabox vitamin C serum) is made of natural ingredients to keep you safe from any visible signs of ageing skin. The serum repairs and restores skin tissues and at the same time, provides protection against heat damage. By doing all that it helps to eliminate any possible chances of experiencing premature skin ageing.

It also has vitamin E, a natural antioxidant that keeps the skin healthy and protects the skin from damage done by free radicles and helps to get rid of skin irritation. Lastly, is the Hyaluronic acid that helps to keep the skin moisturised and hydrated. The ingredient also helps to promote collagen, which are protein fibres that make skin plump and prevent sagging.

Hydraulic acid is probably the most used skincare ingredient in the making of anti-ageing skincare products. It is a very hydrating substance significant for anyone who wants to achieve a moisturized and healthy-looking skin. The serum is extraordinarily penetrative and can be absorbed deep into your skin due to their small molecular size. For a Vitamin C serum to be to yield results,  one should get the best quality hyaluronic acid serums made by Mabox Cosmetics Company.

Mabox Acne Clarifying Serum is used together with 2.5% Moisturizer Face Cream. These two are used together to give a drop-dead gorgeous skin. The Vitamin C Serum will get you the most natural-looking skin possible; you will end up getting rid of all your make up kits and rock a makeup-free face with confidence. The 2.5% Retinol Moisturizer helps your skin glow and removes all scars and blemishes.

On the other hand, the Retinol 2.5% Moisturizer Face Cream is a natural glow-boosting face moisturiser that increases cell production and boosts collagen for smooth skin. It is designed with Vitamin E, Green Tea and Phospholipids. You do not have to put yourself down and belittle your beauty standards anymore or pile up your face with tons of makeup to feel beautiful. These products from Mabox cosmetics will give you an effortless radiant-looking skin to die for.

The good thing about this product is if things don't turn out as expected. You can return the item to the manufacturers' office in Boston, USA. Before doing that it is advised to first get in touch with the customer service representatives, and they will see what can be done to ease the problem.  You can also refer to their Returns Policy page for more information on what can be done and conditions for making returns.

Their team of customer services is available at, or you could leave a message on their Facebook page.

The shipping of these products usually takes 7-21 days depending on which country the customer resides and what time of the year it is. Seven to twenty-one days may seem like a very long time, but it is due to the high volume of orders received due to high demand. It has performed miracles on several customers; thus, they tend to run out of stock early. Placing your order soon enough will help you avoid any further delays. 


Anyone above the age of 20 can use vitamin C as an anti-ageing serum. We live in a world where it is inevitable for our skins to be exposed to harmful agents such as intense heat that can make the skin weak and shrunk by damaging the essential components needed by it. These components are such as collagen, which helps to maintain and repair the skin structure. Using vitamin C serums can help you improve your skin and maintain your natural beauty.

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