December 12, 2019

but after years of trying various acne products especially those with celebrity endorsements I noticed my skin wasn’t as clear, smooth or even as healthy as I had hoped. My skin became dry leaving the scarring even more visible making it extremely difficult to look in the mirror every morning. 

No matter what I tried, the pimples I thought I was getting rid of were turning into cystic acne and even visits to an Esthetician had me overwhelmed losing hope since the cystic acne was harder to clear and even more painful to touch. I couldn’t even fathom leaving the apartment without makeup although I knew I was making the problem even worse. I can’t believe there was even a time  I couldn’t allow my roommate to see my bare face even at 6 AM as we sat having coffee together.

I noticed unlike the competition my skin was smooth and moisturized rather than dried out leaving me with areas that were peeling severely even causing additional skincare concerns due to the harsh ingredients being used.

After a few weeks, I noticed my acne cleared up much more than I had expected and the extremely dark scaring from picking was practically gone! 

The Mabox Natural Vitamin C Serumhas lasted me a little over a month which truly gave me a bang for a buck and with a teacher’s salary I need it! Now when I visit my family or friends the first thing they ask is how did I make my skin look so perfect or what I’m using that has made my skin so vibrant! My face is supple and smooth and for the first time in my life, it’s GLOWING!  

Now I am more confident than I have ever been and the idea of running errands without makeup doesn’t bother me at all! I tell everyone with or without acne how amazing this serum is and I truly can’t express how grateful I am for Mabox Vitamin C Serum for allowing me to feel confident again and to finally be myself!