Top 7 Foods & Drinks That Increase The Risk Of Acne

September 01, 2019

Acne is a common skin condition. It affects about 10% of people in the world. The causes of acne are many. Researchers have discovered that some foods we eat are some of them. Some other causes of acne are bacteria, clog pores, inflammation, hormones, keratin, and sebum production. Acne only affects teenagers. Adults get it because of the kind of lifestyle they live, which includes the diet they eat. What you eat shows in your skin. 

The top 7 foods & drinks that can increase the risk acne: Soda, Meat, Energy Drinks, Alcohol, Fried Foods, White Bread, & Spicy Foods

You need to avoid the following foods or limit the way you eat them.

1. Soda with a lot of sugar

Sugar is very inflammatory. So do not drink soda that contains so much sugar because it can cause breakouts on your skin. Drinking sugar also leads to inflammation. This is because your body absorbs sugar faster, which raises your blood sugar. That is where inflammation comes. If you reduce your intake of sugar, your acne will also reduce. Your skin will clear up, and you will look more beautiful and confident.


2. Too Much Meat

The beauty of our skin reflects the digestive situation of the diet we eat. People like eating meat so especially in a world where people are so busy. They deliver fast foods which contain a lot of meat on people’s doorsteps. So it is easy to have it . Well, know that the saturated fats in meat make it difficult to digest. That causes breakouts. You can change the diet you take or add more fiber and vegetables to your food. They help your system to detoxify so that your skin will be healthier.


3. Energy Drinks

Some people love energy drinks so much, which is not healthy. Stay away from that REDBULL and many other energy drinks. Energy drinks have too much inflammatory and sugary properties, which contain B Vitamins which irritates the skin. If you have a history of acne, avoid them altogether.


4. Alcohol

Alcohol also causes inflammation. If you drink so much alcohol, your skin can show it which is not good. Experts say that the skin of people who drink too much alcohol cannot absorb zinc very well. Zinc maintains, repairs, and helps cells to grow. So, stay away from drinking too much alcohol.

5. Greasy Fried Foods

Well, they are so delicious in your mouth but are bad for your skin. Most bad foods always taste extra nice. These greasy fast foods that people like have too much oil.  This only increases acne which you’re instead trying to remove. So, make sure to avoid fried chicken, burgers, and fast food to clear your skin.

6. White Bread

Do your best to stay away from white bread. Choose whole-grain bread instead because it can help you to have clear skin. It has more starch than fiber, which is great for your skin.

7. Too Much Spicy Foods

It is good to put spices in food, but too much spicy food could cause breakouts. You know that too much of anything is bad. Our digestive system cannot break down too many spices .



The bottom line is that we don’t need to eat every food we find delicious. The best foods to eat to avoid acne are omega-3, green tea, leafy foods, and others that prevent skin breakouts.

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