Mabox Pure 24K Mabox Gold Collagen Peel Off Facial Mask Blackhead Removal Anti Aging Wrinkle

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Mabox Pure 24K Gold Facial Mask

Stay Gold! Gold has been used throughout history to heal and enhance the skin, this brilliant peel-off gold mask does exactly that! It heals and enhances your skin! 

But wait, it does more. Activated bamboo charcoal can suck up toxins more than 200 times its molecular weight, resulting in skin detoxing and deep cleansing. Premier quality clay infused with minerals, anti-oxidants and powerful botanicals will unclog pores, reduce blackheads, diminish pore size, control oiliness, reduce inflammation, deep cleanse and remove impurities, resulting in a long term solution to future acne eruptions and an instant vanishing of blackheads.

Just after one use, you can physically watch the blackheads lift right off of your face and make you a believer in instant results. Detoxed, blackhead-free, smooth, deep cleansed and vibrant skin is our gift to you.

Now that’s what we like to call the Mabox Effect.

Oh…did you know that all our products are natural, not tested on animals and free from harmful toxins?

Well now you do.

Product Benefits:
  • Makes the appearance of skin look lifted and tightened
  • Leaves skin feeling hydrated
  • Reduces the apperance of age spots
  • Enhances skin clarity
  • Removes blackheads and other impurities
  • Cleans pores
  • Visibly improves skin imperfections!

Package Includes:
  • 1 x Box of Mabox Pure 24K Gold Facial Mask
All Our Products Are Made From 100% Natural Ingredients

Acqua, alcool denaturato, alcool polivinilico, amamelide (Hamameils virginiana), estratto si Aloe vera (Aleo barbadensis), butilene glicole, etanolo, fenossietanolo, aromi.


How to use:
  • Wash and wipe your face with arm water, apply the mask to your face evenly.
  • Note: Please use for only 5-10 minutes on your face. Longer wear will make it harder to remove.
  • Please always test on a small patch of skin first! Everyone's skin reacts differently to different product types, including those that use natural ingredients.
Money Back Guaranteed

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We know you’ll love our Mabox products, which is why we offer a Risk-free 30 day Money-Back Guarantee on all of our products. If you haven’t achieved the results you were looking for simply contact our customer care team and receive your money-back. (see terms and conditions for more info).