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Acne - Myth Busting & Prevention - A road to Acne free skin in 30 days - by Dr.Ansul

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The internet is flooded with myths and legends regarding acne. Acne - Myth Busting & Prevention is unlike anything you've ever read before. Incorporating a holistic approach with a groundbreaking and innovative 3 step acne controlling system, this beautifully illustrated guide will become your number one source for managing and preventing acne on a long-term basis.

Written by an industry expert, the book explores the causes of acne along with various methods that can be used to prevent future breakouts by employing practical lifestyle measures.

If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from this distressing and chronic skin condition. Acne - Myth Busting & Prevention is a gem that is bound to become your skin-savior.

Low self esteem and social anxiety caused by acne is a real issue. Regaining your confidence, boosting your ego and attaining smooth zit-free skin is not just a dream. We hope that through this book your dreams are an attainable and a reachable goal. So let's begin our journey to a new you and let acne be a thing of the past.

About the writer - 

Dr. Ansul has always believed in public health education, and the age-old philosophy that “prevention is better than the cure” has left an acute mark upon her conscience since her early days of training as a medical physician.

After completing her formal education as a medical doctor, she completed her Post-Graduate Degree (MSc) in Dermatological Sciences successfully from the prestigious Welsh Institute of Dermatology (UK), known for their pioneering work in the science of Dermatology and Genetic Dermatology. Her research work also includes the history and evolution of Pox viruses and the Clinical Applications of IPL – A Comparative Study.

She has greatinterest Laser Dermatology, non-invasive IPL systems, and holistic skin care. She has also lectured at various medical institutions and her thesis has received wide acclaim for its bold new look at the future of non-invasivelight based technology in the treatment of skin diseases, cosmetic defects and other novel applications.

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